Is 'sword art online' season 3 on netflix?


It was a long time coming but Sword Art Online returned for a third season in 2018. The popular series has been one of the most-streamed anime titles on Netflix, so naturally, subscribers are wondering if và when Sword Art Online season 3 will be on Netflix. Sorry to disappoint, but the third season isn’t currently on Netflix, but we’re here to lớn tell you why, where you can stream the season và the likelihood of it coming lớn Netflix.

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Sword Art Online: Alicization is a Japanese anime series based on the Sword Art Online light novels by author Reki Kawahara. Alicization is the third series of the franchise, airing from October 2018 lớn May 2019. Compared khổng lồ the previous two seasons, Alicization has seen a great improvement in the ratings and fan opinion.

Kirigaya “Kirito” Kizulớn is hired by the private institute Rath khổng lồ participate in trails for a br& new Full Dive sầu system known as The Soul Translator. Unbeknownst to Kirito, Rath was using the giải pháp công nghệ lớn create a brvà new kind of A.I for military use. Despite spending Eleven years in-experiment time, Kirito’s memories of his experience are blocked. When he is confronted by an old foe in the real world, Kirito is left comatose & upon awakening, he discovers he has returned lớn Underworld once more. With seemingly no way khổng lồ escape from Underworld, Kirikhổng lồ sets on a quest khổng lồ return back to lớn the physical world once again.

Why Sword Art Online season 3 isn’t streaming on Netflix US

Netflix subscribers will have sầu seen Sword Art Online streaming on Netflix for many years now. The previous season of the franchise, aptly named Sword Art Online 2, concluded on in December năm trước, and arrived on Netflix sometime in năm ngoái.

Even though Netflix has been streaming the series for years, this doesn’t mean they have sầu the license to stream the lachạy thử season. The license for Sword Art Online season 3 is split amongst Crunchyroll, FUNimation, và Hulu.

If you want to stream Sword Art Online season 3 you will need a subscription khổng lồ Crunchyroll (Eng Sub), FUNimation (Eng Dub) or Hulu. The next arc of Sword Art Online arrives in October & new episodes will be available to stream on Saturday’s.

But I received a notification that a new season of Sword Art Online is on Netflix?

If you receive sầu a notification that Sword Art Online has released a new season on Netflix, be warned, it isn’t Sword Art Online season 3. Netflix has removed Sword Art Online 2 as a separate title and has instead merged the first and second seasons respectively.


Sword Art Online 2 is still available to lớn stream on Netflix.

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Will Sword Art Online season 3 ever come khổng lồ Netflix?

Aniplex, the distributor of Sword Art Online has a healthy relationship with Netflix.

It may take some time but there is every chance that Sword Art Online season 3 will come to lớn Netflix. As the series is one of the most-streamed anime titles on Netflix, it wouldn’t be surprising to lớn see the streaming service splash the cash lớn stream the lathử nghiệm season.

Are other regions streaming Sword Art Online season 3 on Netflix?

The only regions streaming all episodes of Sword Art Online season 3 are:


The fourth season has begun airing in nhật bản on a weekly basis.

In the UK you will need a subscription lớn Crunchyroll lớn stream episodes of Sword Art Online season 3.

In Australia, a subscription to lớn AnimeLab will allow you lớn stream Sword Art Online season 3.

Canadomain authority is the same as the U.S. episodes are available to stream on Crunchyroll & FUNimation.

Would you like to lớn see Sword Art Online: Alicization streaming on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.