Release Date: 2002Genre: Real-time strategyDeveloped By: Crave, Liquid EntertainmentPublisher: UbisoftPlatform: PC

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf is a classic Japanese- themed fantasy real-time strategy game. Does it still stand out among other RTS today?

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf is a fantasy real-time strategy game developed by Liquid Entertainment, and was published by Ubisoft and Crave Entertainment on 2001. Winter of the Wolf expansion later came in 2002.

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On the base game, you play as Kenji, the last heir of the Serpent Clan. He recently comes back to his hometown, but everything is already shattered and in utter chaos. He is the only one who can unite the land once again. In the expansion pack, you play as Grayback, the leader of the wolf clan, & it tells the story of how the wolf clan used to be the slave of the Lotus. It is all about their rebellion and getting their freedom pre-Kenji’s Journey.

Kenji’s Journey has 2 paths. One choice is the dragon Clan if you choose to lớn help the villagers on the first mission. On the other hand, it is the Serpent Clan if you choose to attack the village instead. Both paths are very similar to each other, and the only difference is the special characters (Zen masters) you get within each mission, and the way Kenji reacts to the situation also differs.
These paths have branches, which địa chỉ cửa hàng replayability in the campaign mode, as you can try other missions và have a different experience with each one. Usually, there are two lớn three choices before each mission. Each mission has different clans as your enemies. It would be much better if you can trả lời mission any time you want, instead of repeating the whole chiến dịch if you forget khổng lồ save your game multiple times.
Sadly, there is no variation in the objectives of each mission, all you have to bởi is destroy the other clan’s village and that is always the case. Playing it continuously may get boring after a while because of this single objective. It would be much better if it has missions lượt thích there are 2 villages that you can fight while you have an ally lượt thích Shinja or Otomo having their own villages, it would make the trò chơi much intense and diverse.
Winter of the Wolf has a different story though. It does not have branch missions and it is more linear than Kenji’s. However, the missions actually vary here và it is actually really nice lớn see the diversity of each mission. It is actually a better chiến dịch in my honest opinion than Kenji’s journey, though it is relatively short.

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf is inspired by Japanese Culture, & it is actually very obvious at first glance. The characters, the buildings, even the introduction screen have that Japanese touch to lớn it. The character models look good for a 2001 game, even the building looks nice and original, and each clan has a different appearance on everything, from the units up to lớn the quality heroes that they have. The cutscenes, however, suffer badly because the game’s graphics did not really age well. You can see how blocky the models are when the game zooms so closely during cutscenes.
The maps in the chiến dịch and skirmish mode are quite huge. In fact, most of the missions, you have to search every nook & cranny just to kiểm tra if you did not miss anything since it can easily be overlooked, given that most campaign maps are just mostly forests. I admit there are some missions that I basically look everywhere just to lớn kill one remaining peasant lớn finish the mission.
Animations look splendid to lớn watch as they vì martial art moves when fighting. There are several variations of moves for each unit. Each move mix is fluid & very well made, especially if there are several people fighting on the screen. It is a total chaos.

Similarly, Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf almost has the same game play as other real-time strategy games. There are 4 clans (Dragon, Serpent, Lotus, và Wolf), with each has its own units and specialty. For all these clans, there is only one unit to vì everything; the peasant. They create your buildings, gather resources (water & rice), and they are also your main source of an army. You have to lớn train them through the different training grounds, which consists of three categories; melee ranged và missile/fire. You can train your units in each building, adding one more tier to lớn them.

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There is a maximum of 3 tiers for each unit, with the exception of the Wolf và Lotus as they have a special tier or a 4th tier. Their third tier units can transform into a much more powerful unit. However, having trăng tròn 3rd tier units are not always good, as Battle Realms: Winter of the wolf has this complex rock-paper-scissor concept for the strengths và weaknesses of each unit. A combination of all tiers would be optimal for an attack.

To put it simply, there are different types of melee and ranged attacks. For melee, there are blunt, piercing, cutting, while the ranged attack has magic, explosive, & fire. This has given the battles less generic, & more on strategy because you have to lớn think what units you have lớn dispatch lớn counter the enemy’s attack. It makes a solid and balanced gameplay overall và it gives a lot of variety in terms of engaging an enemy in battles. It goes to show that a platoon of tier 3 units cannot defeat a platoon mixed of tier 1 và tier 2 units.

Units can get a specific skill within one of the two buildings, so you have khổng lồ double check what is best for your unit. They are also upgradeable in the training grounds, but it has now a cost, it is either Yin or Yang, depending on what clan you choose. Dragon và Wolf are Yin; Serpent và Lotus are Yang. Yin/Yang can be acquired through engaging in a battle.


I love how all units are voiced in Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf. Moreover, there’s a diversity on what they say, & it is actually really a good thing. Voice acting on cutscenes is kind of mixed. It feels so forced & awkward on Kenji’s journey, but on Grayback’s story, it is actually an improvement và it is a lot tolerable than the former.
The background music và ambiance of the game are very fitting for its theme. Overall, it has a great soundtrack và ambiance, but the voice acting on the cutscenes could be a tad better.

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf offers a campaign map, skirmish & a bản đồ editor. We just discussed that the campaigns have branches, và it is actually a very good story. Although, it would have been better if you can go back and replay some missions once you already cleared it just khổng lồ see what lies on the other path. However, that is just my preference.

If you have friends, you can have a LAN Party, then this game will be tons of fun to play. Even if you play with the AI in this game, it can still give you tons of trả lời value.

The map editor, though, is just pretty basic stuff. You can create your own maps and play it in skirmish mode. If you are into creating your own landscape, then you may waste a lot of time và still have fun, especially once you use the map in skirmish mode.

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf is an awesome game, & it is also one of the finest real-time strategies when it first launched. Arguably, it is still one of the finest even for today’s standards. It is fun, engaging & balance compared to lớn what other critics had been saying.
It is actually disheartening that there is no sequel for this impressive game. Although, I must say there was a rumor going on about a potential sequel, and hopefully it translates lớn a fact rather than just a rumor. This trò chơi definitely deserves to lớn have a sequel. I highly recommend this for those who love fantasy RTS, it is $9.99 on GOG, but if you can get it cheaper, much better!
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