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MHA"s Deku inherits several new Quirks from One For All"s previous holders và is currently learning how to add them khổng lồ his battle strategies.

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Major My nhân vật Academia Manga Spoiler Warning!

In the My nhân vật Academia manga, Deku undergoes a major epiphany, learning that his inherited Quirk comes with both baggage và blessings when the previous wielders of One For All appear in his visions. He later realizes that he is able to manifest the Quirks that once belonged to his predecessors—with the exception of the second user.

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Deku gradually learns how khổng lồ wield them by breaking all the anime battle rules holding him back, and, most impressively, he devises genius strategies that blend different percentages of One For All with his other abilities. That said, Deku"s proficiency level with his new Quirks depends heavily on how useful they are in a given situation.

Updated on December 15th, 2021 by Tanner Fox: How many Quirks does Deku have? When taking into trương mục the anime và the manga, all of Deku"s Quirks put together make for a very interesting ranking.

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After inheriting One For All from All Might, Deku learns that the Quirk has been passed down from generation to generation and that it began with the brother of All For One. Born a sickly và powerless individual, Yoichi nonetheless opposed All For One"s tyranny.

Rather than kill his brother, All For One had him imprisoned và eventually forced a Quirk onto him. However, Yoichi did have an unknown latent ability which allowed him to pass his Quirk lớn another person. While it"s of no use in battle, Yoichi"s power khổng lồ transfer One For All khổng lồ another person ensured that new heroes would continue to resist his brother for decades to come.



Originally belonging lớn Nana Shimura, All Might"s personal mentor, Float is a simple Quirk that grants the wielder the ability lớn hover in the air. It"s not clear how she used it in conjunction with One For All when she was alive. However, Deku has been using it for quite some time now. Float is the second Quirk he unconsciously unlocks when battling the evil Tomura Shigaraki in order to lớn save his friends from the latter"s Decay.

Deku gallantly grabs everyone around him with Blackwhip và levitates out of Tomura"s reach, preventing at least a few deaths. Float is also employed against his rematch with Muscular, dodging the villain"s punches rather easily. Shimura"s Quirk doesn"t innately possess any offense or defense potential, though it"s a lot better than using man-made modes of transit.



One For All"s sixth holder, En, was born with a Quirk known as Smokescreen. This quirk creates a dense smog that emanates from the toàn thân that can then be used as camouflage. An excellent ability, even if Deku tends khổng lồ go overboard and release so much smoke that it obscures his own line of sight.

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En claims that his Quirk is worthless in a fight, at least until Deku reveals his Full Blast Signature Move so as lớn hide himself from Lady Nagant"s scrutiny. Unfortunately, Smokescreen is not very helpful against opponents who don"t really need their vision lớn fight such as All For One, whose Infrared Quirk more than makes up for his lack of eyesight.

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Fa Jin


The Quirk belonging khổng lồ the as-yet-unnamed third holder, Fa Jin, bears a striking resemblance lớn the Springlike Limbs and Absorption và Release Quirks displayed by All For One and one of his Nomu. It derives copious amounts of potential energy through consistent body toàn thân movements và stores it in the user"s muscles.

This can later be converted into kinetic energy for a vast but temporary increase in physical agility & strength. Fa Jin is extremely handy by itself, and Deku"s integration of the Quirk with One For All và Black Whip makes it significantly more effective. In fact, Deku manages khổng lồ save Overhaul"s life with this combination by simply outpacing Lady Nagant"s hypersonic projectiles. The limits of Fa Jin usage can probably be stretched further with enough practice.


Deku"s first Quirk after One For All is Daigoro Banjo"s Blackwhip, a Quirk that allows him to generate đen vein-like extensions from his body. It"s possible to create several simultaneously, directing each tendril khổng lồ perform a specific task. This Quirk"s strength is dependent on the user"s emotional state, a drawback that Deku turns to his advantage when restraining Tomura Shigaraki.

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Deku"s Blackwhip Super Moves include Pinpoint Focus—a technique that spotlights a precise location of Deku"s choosing & extends a tendril from his mouth similar to the quirk used by fellow U.A. Student Tsuyu Asui. Blackwhip provides the necessary edge in a risky fight, but the Quirk is far too brittle và erratic to be constantly reliable.

Danger Sense

Hikage Shinomori"s Danger Sense is arguably the most practical ability for a Pro nhân vật to have given that it warns the user of any imminent threats in their immediate vicinity. Akin to Spider-Man"s iconic Spider-Sense, this Quirk picks up on "evil thoughts" by presumably scanning people around the user.

However, this obviously means that Deku won"t be able to lớn react in time if his opponents are either faster than him or are able to suppress their malicious intentions. Despite failing khổng lồ evade Lady Nagant"s bullets with Danger Sense, Deku acknowledges the immeasurable practical value the Quirk possesses in most cases. For one thing, he"d be able lớn perceive All For One from miles away.

One For All

One For All is a force of nature, overwhelming beyond most scopes of imagination within the context of the story. Nobody—not Deku, All Might, or any of their predecessors—is able lớn comprehend the Quirk in its totality. All they know is that One For All is alive by every definition of the word, and it might even be capable of sentient thought.

In addition to being the source of incalculable strength, this Quirk is a symbolic torch that breathes a radiant light on All For One"s darkness, explaining why My anh hùng Academia"s main villain wants lớn steal it so desperately. All Might is presently the only one of the nine users lớn defeat All For One in a one-on-one fight, which he does on two separate occasions. Nevertheless, cleansing the world of an overpowered Quirk thief will be Deku"s responsibility in the end, and it"s something he can only achieve with One For All.

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