Updating Graphics Card Drivers


If MuMu stops responding at 99% or crashes due khổng lồ a "reason unknown" prompt, troubleshoot by eliminating the following causes one by one:

I. VT not enabled

VT must be enabled for the simulator to run properly. Click here lớn learn how to lớn enable VT.

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II. Outdated graphics or sound thẻ driver

Download and install DriverGenius, use it to check if your graphics & sound thẻ drivers are up khổng lồ date. Click here to download DriverGenius.

III. Windows firewall is not turned off

Go khổng lồ "Windows Security" → "Update & Security" → "Windows Security" → "Firewall & network protection" → turn off the firewall under all three tabs.

IV. The graphics card does not tư vấn the current rendering mode

Access "Settings" (upper right corner)-"Advanced" → "Graphics rendering mode" → "Speed +" is selected by default, so change it lớn "Compatible +" → restart the emulator.


V. For abnormal shutdowns or other unknown problems, try uninstalling và reinstalling the software

1. Abnormal shutdown (due to power loss etc.): nguồn on the PC, power nguồn it off, nguồn it back on & see if the problem persists;


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If the above solution doesn"t work, uninstall the software from control panel and reinstall it.

VI. Multi-user or user permission issues

1. Check if there are other users running the emulator on the same PC, if so, log them out;

2. Enter the installation directory and right click NemuEmulatorShell etworkReset.bat, run it as an administrator & restart the emulator;

3. Click here to tải về the hotfix file, unzip it, double click "double click.bat" lớn execute it, & restart the emulator;

4. If port mapping failed: open the installation directory ...vmsmyandrovm_vbox86LogsNemu.log, use Ctrl+F to search the từ khóa “failed”, look for an entry that goes “failed to redirect VBox port”.

If you can find one or more of these, run as an administrator the following tệp tin Installation directory ...EmulatorShell etworkReset.bat và see if it fixes the problem.

5. Virtual machine issue: Place Nemu.exe và the .dll files in the installation directory of the Hypervisor, right-click and select "Run as administrator". Successively select Start, Show, then observe the popup window for errors.