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clash of clans Best Builder hall 5 base designs.In this article, we have come up with the lachạy thử updated base designs. The first section of bases have all defensive sầu structures & buildings. This is the most awaited update from the clash of clans. The new defensive sầu structures available at builder hall 5 are the battle machine, multi mortar, and one more double canon . some <...>

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Hey, folks. clash of clans released the biggest update this week on builder bases. so everyone started building their bases very aggressively to lớn keep up the pace with their fellow clasher"s in their clan.So we decided to bring the clash of clans best town hall 3 builder base designs to lớn help out clasher"s khổng lồ make them win attacks and gains trophies faster.cấp độ 3 builder <...>

Much Awaited updated from the clash of clans. Supercell has been on roll releasing new updated one after the other & this time they have sầu released builder hall 7.BH5 Bases | BH4 Designs <...>

Hey, folks, this is one of the best và biggest update by the clash of clans. As you all know, this update came out as a refreshing khổng lồ feel the newness of the clash of clans. As we are pretty much bored all these days seeing the same old kiến thiết.We have come up with the latest designs và we keep on testing them. Do kiểm tra out this post often because these post gets updat <...>

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When getting attacked with a gowipe attacking strategy, the x-bows are the crucial defensive building we need. With its quiông xã, high-ranged shooting power, it is recommended khổng lồ protect it with the best care! And that’s exactly what we have done here. The x-bows here, will surely make it difficult for the golems to lớn act as a meat shield for a long time. And the well placed a <...>

Town Hall 8 Goho Attaông xã Strategy Video Hall 9 Goho Attack Strategy Explained with Video <...>

Fantastic air-defense placement in addition to the double coating wall compartment together with an Archer Queen on top allow this base thiết kế stick out. It"s more than probable that the Queen can hit attacking troops position behind a wall và the Hidden Teslas round will glance hurt only at that time and surprise that an attacker readily.With the town-hall somewhat at the <...>

A well-protected Dark Elixir storage & also a fantastic opportunity to lớn shelter your town-hall & some additional storage"s ? Appears khổng lồ be an excellent hybrid alternative sầu for you personally. Southern Teaser foundations never become older which one is useful enough lớn safeguard your town-hall & everything at the baông chồng of one"s maps.The main motive of all the above sầu me <...>

Let"s have sầu a look at the first best th9 defense base. This base has centralized dark elixir storage that is surrounded by four tesla"s. Town hall 9 and clan castle are surrounded from one side & x-bows from another over. This defense base has chất lượng construction having an open compartment which makes harder for opponent troops to lớn go inkhổng lồ the core compartment. The enemy tro <...>

9 Town Hall, Builder’s Hut, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drills, Gold Mines, Gold Storage’s, Elixir Storage’s, Dark Elixir Storage, Barracks, Dark Barracks, Army Camps, Spell Factory, Laboratory, Dark Spell Factory, Clan CastleCOC TH9 War BaseDefensive StructuresArcher Towers, Cannons, Walls, Bombs, Mortars, Spring Traps, Air Defenses, Wizard Towers, Air Bom <...>

We Need Non Rushed Excellent Attackers of TH12, TH13 & TH14 for Clan War League(Crystal League) & TH9 and above for Normal Wars, Clan Tag: #28RUYCRGR. We are hyperactive sầu clan(cấp độ 11) with Full Donations, Regular Wars và We Reach All Tiers in Every Clan Games.
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Town Hall 8 Goho Attack Strategy Video Hall 9 Goho Attaông chồng Strategy Explained with Video <...>

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TH8 War Base Design GuidePlacement of Air Defenses.Make sure the AD"s are placed in a triangle pattern around the town hall in the center. it should cover the village on all the sides.Placement of Storage unitsPlace your gold, elixir and dark elixir storage units in second & third compartments from the center of the village .your storages should protect the AD. ma <...>

This is one more recent addition inlớn the clash of clans town hall 8 farming base. This base design mainly constructed for protecting all loot types(gold, elixir and dark elixir). <...>

Having a sit still lab is more regrettable than having a sit out of gear developer. You generally need khổng lồ ensure you have sầu enough elixir (or after your BK is maxed DE) to lớn keep it taking a shot at something. TH8 is the principal cấp độ where the aggregate time khổng lồ finish the updates in the lab is substantially longer than that of having four mortars working always lớn finish the <...>

Life becomes easy if there is one base for both war và farming village, that"s where the need of hybrid base comes in the picture. In this article, we have come up with the best clash of clans th8 base anti everything. if we look at the first Anti Gowipe layout the town hall centered into lớn the core of the base. <...>

Cheông chồng out Best Town Hall 8 Giant, Archer & Wizard Attachồng Strategy.Note: This is a farming strategy & thus, it does not guarantee a 3 star! Use this strategy only if theopponent has good amount of resources that can satisfy you!Needed army: Giant – 15 (cấp độ 5). Archer – 85 (level 5). Wizard – 10 (level 4+). Barbarian king. Healing spell – <...>

As you Already know rồng attacks are prominent at town hall 8. if executed well there is no better strategy at town hall 8 other than Long. but the thing most of the town hall 8 base designs are prone to lớn dragon attacks. Only few of them can defover. So before getting inkhổng lồ the attaông chồng strategy I would like you khổng lồ decide on which side of the base to lớn attachồng, usually you need to lớn <...>

This kind of looks similar khổng lồ the above sầu thiết kế. But there are minor defense regarding the placement of storage"s và also this is not an anti hog kiến thiết.This thiết kế is good for defending against. Giants DragonsConclusion:This is a great map for anti rồng và this kiến thiết can also be used for protecting trophies in multi player battles. <...>

The main features of this TH7 layout are Double giant bomb spots Evenly distributed. clever use of bombs & spring traps. centralized clan castle arrangement.Attacks this kiến thiết can withst& are hogs giant drags .Dragon Attack:It will be hard khổng lồ use dragon attacks against these thiết kế because air defenses are not cthua lớn each other <...>

The main features areThe bases have sầu clan castle in the middle compartment which makes hard for enemy troops lớn get rid of those.The attacks the above-mentioned bases can with stvà areanti dragonsanti giantsanti hybrid attacksThe layouts are designed in such a way that, every layout has the ability lớn withstand dragon attack because at town hall 7 dr <...>

TH7 War Base No Barbarian Kinghave a look at YouTube đoạn Clip on how khổng lồ design this th7 war base layout no king with 3 air defenses & air sweeper.some of the features of this war base are 1.Its an anti 3 star TH7 war base. 2.Air defenses are evenly distributed making it hard for dragon attaông chồng strategy. 3.This is lakiểm tra base having 3 air defenses & air sweeper. 4.u can <...>

Let"s go through base by base. first of all of of these bases are designed by taking consideration of various factors like farming attacks, troops, army composition. some of the bases have sầu unique construction và some of the bases are constructed compactly by taking attacks inlớn consideration at town hall 7 defense. The first base has four endings that is composed of archer <...>

In this guide I"m going khổng lồ explain how you can use balloons at town hall 6 to three star every th6 base. This is one of my favorite strategy I use at town hall 6 for 3 stars. Having said that, lets jump right inkhổng lồ step by step attacking guide.Step By Step Guide to lớn Three Star Town Hall 6 In every War and Multi Player battles using Balloonian Strategy. First thing yo <...> is a place where you can get latest and best clash of clans town hall bases of all levels. Here we mô tả some of the best hybrid, farming, trophy and war bases.