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The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror đoạn Clip game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The Last of Us trò chơi is available for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. PC Gamers are still asking about Last of Us for PC, but for now, they only can play and enjoy with Playstation.

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If you are an ardent gamer and looking for a gaming experience different from conventional zombie shooter games then, you should try your hands on the LAST OF US. This is one of the newer generation games where they try & delve into lớn scientific reality associated with the creation of zombies. If you are still sceptical & need more convincing then you must know that this game sold more than 1.5 million copies in the first week of its release that means the makes must have done something, right? The game was released in the summer of 2013, và it brings to lớn life North America post apocalypse. We are fast forwarded a few years into lớn the future, and we play as Joel the character of whom is responsible for ensuring the passage of humans lớn a resistance faction. The character has lớn pass through the remains of what was the civilization earlier và protect the others at the same time. There are also other hostile humans that Joel must giảm giá khuyến mãi with en route to lớn meeting up with the others.

What makes this game different is the presence of bad humans in addition to lớn zombies who would make constant efforts to lớn kill the main character or steal things from the group with Joel? Coming lớn the skills of Joel, during the course of the game, he can get resources và make his weapons. He can salvage items from the remains all around & use them khổng lồ build useful items as and when needed.

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The Last of Us Gameplay

The gameplay is so good that one feels that they are a part of the game and experiencing everything in first person. It is not lượt thích the other games where you run around aimlessly shooting at everything that walks. The sound as well as the depth at which the game delves into lớn has won it a lot of critical acclaims everywhere. Once the game progresses’ lớn the next level then user can switch characters from Joel lớn Ellie, who is one of the characters in the group that is being escorted by Joel.

Naughty Dog, the developers of the game have done an excellent job at designing this game so realistically. The game shows a lot of detail and fine textures that are sure lớn impress the best of gamers and the best thing is that the game has shown places you would be familiar with in a totally different scenario post destruction. If you are not a zombie shooter tín đồ, you must still try your hands at this game for the sheer beauty & concept of this wonderful game.