Kamen rider kabuto for playstation 2

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Developer: DigifloydPublisher: Bandai NamcoPlatform: PlayStation 2Released in JP: November 30, 2006

This game has unused code.

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This trò chơi has debugging material.
This trò chơi has a hidden sound test.
This game has a hidden level select.

Debug Menu


A fairly elaborate debug thực đơn can be re-enabled with the below code. Not all of the options work anymore. With the code on, press L3 to lớn enable it and R3 to lớn disable it.



This lets you quickly choose 1 player story levels.



Unfortunately, nothing works here anymore.



Unknown. Would have likely changed stage backgrounds.



Doesn"t work.



This lets you toggle certain special options while in battle. The known menu options and their effects are listed below.

ValEditEnables a value editor on-screen. It"s not clear what these do.
MaxDmgOne kit KO on enemies.
MaxPowFull special meter.
HitEditDraws some numbers on-screen.
CpuGpuDraws numbers relating to max CPU / GPU usage.
MemoryDraws memory info on-screen and logs printf stats.

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SPUDraws spu stats on-screen.
BtlSpeedDraws SPD on-screen.
HitDispDraws collision markers on characters.
WallHitDisables bản đồ collision when on.
CharaHitDisables player collision when on.
MapCheckDraws statistics on-screen.
RainMakes it start raining.
NoGUIDisables the interface.



This allows you lớn quickly enter specific game modes.


Sends the game into an endless loop. Likely was something else at one point.



This sends you lớn a bản đồ where you can test map effects, view statistics và freely control the camera.



This sends you into a test VS mode with some stats on-screen. It"s not clear what else is different.



Would have likely tested demo scenes. It doesn"t work anymore.



Allows you lớn play BGM and SFX.



An unused debug thực đơn option can be seen here. This would have played movie files (.PSS) but this trò chơi no longer uses .PSS movie files.

Unused thử nghiệm Mode

Present in the debug menu section is reference to another test mode, "pad_test". It is no longer on the trò chơi disc.

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