Hay Day is a social game that invites you lớn run a farm that"ll definitely require all your & skill.Plant crops on your field and harvest them. To bởi so, use your finger khổng lồ slide across the You can interact with the farm animals (each with its own personality) or go fishing in the lake using a similar control system.As in most social games, tốt Day lets you trade with your from Facebook and other social networks. You can swap crops, make changes, và basically negotiate on almost any of the game.Another of tuyệt Day"s main selling points is the màn chơi of detail and multiple customization options for your farm. You can create totally chất lượng farms và invite your Facebook to lớn work on them for a season or two.Hay Day is a fun & appealing social game, và while it doesn"t offer anything new, it does let you a well-known và refined gameplay.

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Requires android 4.0.3 or above questions

Have the tuyệt Day servers shut down?

No, Supercell has not shut down the tuyệt Day servers. The Supercell trò chơi that was discontinued as of February 2021 is tốt Day Pop, an indie puzzle trò chơi from giỏi Day.

Can I play xuất xắc Day on PC?

Yes, you can play giỏi Day on PC. Since it"s an APK, you"ll have to lớn install it on an emulator. Several emulators are available from Uptodown, such as GameLoop, Nox, và LDPlayer. You can play hay Day on all of them.

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What is the highest level in hay Day?, the highest cấp độ you can reach in xuất xắc Day is 800. In tốt Day, after cấp độ 500, you"ll need more than 20,000 points lớn reach the next level.

Can I play giỏi Day offline?

Yes, you can play giỏi Day offline. Xuất xắc Day is a game that allows you to play both online và offline, so you can play wherever you are.

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