Hay Day Cheats, Codes, Free Diamonds And More


Hay Day diamonds are the premium currency in xuất xắc Day. Players can progress faster, purchase decorations và make unique products with hay Day diamonds, which can be obtained in the game for free or be sold as an in-app vật phẩm for real money. 

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Initially Hay Day sends 30 diamonds for beginners, but they are not enough for players khổng lồ enjoy the game all the time. We"ve collected all means in giỏi Day lớn help you free earn a bunch of hay day Diamonds here.

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* How to use this tuyệt Day Diamonds Guide: view all titles of methods, pick up your most interested method to get diamonds first, and then try others.


The Complete Guide to lớn Earning hay Day Diamonds for Free


1. Level up experience to make diamonds.

Hay day sends gifts & unlocks more items for players when the experience reaches a certain amount. Gifts include clearance materials, building materials, diamonds, và more. Therefore, getting more experience is the key to lớn leveling up. There is a method khổng lồ get more experience automatically faster. Check how to gain experience points more quickly with hay Day Bot.


màn chơi up lớn get diamonds.PNG" alt=" cấp độ up lớn get diamonds.PNG"/>


2. Complete achievements lớn earn diamonds in giỏi Day.

Achievements are one of the methods khổng lồ earn diamonds on tuyệt Day. There are 50 achievements in total. Each achievement has three tiers. Reaching the first tier rewards players with 1 diamond; going 2 for 2 diamonds and 3 for 3. 

Complete achievements lớn earn tốt Day diamonds.PNG" alt=" Complete achievements to earn tuyệt Day diamonds.PNG"/>

When players finish the goal of achievements, green/blue/red ribbons will appear on the roof of players" farmhouse that is a place to kiểm tra achievements & progress. There is one achievement called Hyper Harvester. It is suitable for hay Day Bot to automatically complete. See: how to complete xuất xắc Day achievements automatically with the bot 


3. Dig in the mine và get giỏi Day diamonds for free.

Mine is unlocked at experience level 24 to extract silver ore, gold ore, platinum ore, coal, and iron ore. There is a chance to lớn get diamonds when you dig ores with shovels, TNT, Pickaxe, và Dynamite. 

Get hay Day Diamonds from Mine.PNG" alt="Get tốt Day Diamonds from Mine.PNG"/>

The approximate rate of getting diamonds with different tools: shovels have an 11% chance to lớn drop diamonds. Pickaxes have 9%, TNTs 8%, and Dynamite 6%. If you would lượt thích to know how khổng lồ get more items to lớn dig mine, the article about collecting building materials is also suitable for you:  How khổng lồ Get tốt Day Building Materials Fast


As Mine needs 21,000 coins to lớn repair, kiểm tra Top Three Tips khổng lồ Get Coins Fastest on tuyệt Day khổng lồ collect a bunch of coins first before you reach cấp độ 24 to unlock mine. 

4. Level up Reputation lớn make diamonds.

Reputation is for players" town level, where the town is unlocked at experience level 34. It is similar to experience points for the tuyệt Day farm level. Filling orders from town visitors will get reputation points. 


Diamonds from tuyệt Day Town Reputation.jpg" alt=" Diamonds from xuất xắc Day Town Reputation.jpg"/>

The reward of town level-up is diamonds. From màn chơi 3 of the town, players get 1 diamond every level. When reaching cấp độ 5, it gives players an exceptional bonus of 5 diamonds. Reaching level 10 & every 10 levels afterward give players 10 diamonds. 


5. Find Mystery toolboxes lớn get diamonds.

Find và open mystery red toolboxes to get diamonds. Every day there is a shining red box on players hay Day farm. Players can receive one reward like diamonds, vouchers, building materials, coins, & clearance materials from the boxes. Everybody has two không tính tiền chances to xuất hiện red boxes every day. One is on your farm, & the other is on other players". 


Mystery red toolboxes with diamonds.jpg" alt=" Mystery red toolboxes with diamonds.jpg"/>


6. Watch Ads for hay Day diamonds.

There is a shining pink ticket near your mailbox. There are ads in it. After watching ads, players will get rewards like diamonds, building & clearance items, vouchers, or products. It doesn"t always appear, so don"t miss the chance khổng lồ get không tính phí diamonds if you see it. 


Watch Ads for tuyệt Day diamonds.jpg" alt=" Watch Ads for xuất xắc Day diamonds.jpg"/>


7. Popping Tom"s balloon lớn get tuyệt Day diamonds.

Tom is a little boy who helps players find items, who is unlocked at experience level 14. It is miễn phí to use for the first three days after unlocking him, & then you have to pay with diamonds. 


Popping Tom"s balloon khổng lồ get tốt Day diamonds..png" alt=" Popping Tom"s balloon to get hay Day diamonds..png"/>

Sometimes he will hold a discount balloon with his hand. Tom releases the balloon after 10 minutes, so he no longer offers the discount. However, as the balloon floats away, players can tap it lớn receive coins, diamonds, experience points, or supplies.

8. Receiving a gift package after maintenance.

Hay Day will maintain its servers occasionally. During maintenance, players can"t play the game. But when player enter the game after maintenance, a mailman will come và put a gift package in front of the players" farmhouse. Please remember to lớn tap it for the rewards. 


Maintenance gift packages.PNG" alt=" Maintenance gift packages.PNG"/>


9. Diamonds hidden in Treasure Chests.

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Treasure chests appear in the Town beach. It is similar as the mysterious red toolbox on the tuyệt Day farm. There are gifts like diamonds, vouchers và boosters etc hidden inside there. Town is unclocked at the experience màn chơi 34.


Diamonds hidden in Treasure Chests.png" alt=" Diamonds hidden in Treasure Chests.png"/>


10. Purchase diamonds in Valley Shop.


Valley is located near Roadside siêu thị and is unlocked at experience level 25. It is a new place lớn fill orders. Valley siêu thị is a place on Valley where you can use the valley currencies to buy diamonds.


Buying diamonds in Valley Sho.PNG" alt=" Buying diamonds in Valley Sho.PNG"/>


11. Buy mystery packages to lớn get diamonds in the Catalogue.

The Catalogue is unlocked at experience level 15. There are gift cards in exchange for rewards in the Catalogue. Rewards are called mystery packages containing diamonds, vouchers, materials, supplies etc. Opening the packages will know what gifts are inside, so they are called mystery packages. For gift cards, it is maybe attached to a thank note when you help people on tốt Day. Read more: Help People & Get Gift Cards for Rewards

Buy mystery packages to get diamonds in xuất xắc day.jpg" alt=" Buy mystery packages to lớn get diamonds in tốt day.jpg"/>


12. Reach a Derby threshold lớn earn xuất xắc Day diamonds.

Derby is a trò chơi competition between giỏi Day neighborhood communities. When the community won the Derby competition, they will get rewards like diamonds.


13. Join certain global events to lớn win xuất xắc Day diamonds.

Global events are events for xuất xắc Day players. There are two parts to international events. The first one is to lớn achieve a common goal of the community & get prizes; the second is lớn reach your personal goals to lớn earn rewards. The rewards are diamonds, bonuses, gifts, and coupons. There are three types of races: fill orders (ships, towns, or trucks), catch fish, or help other players.

Join certain global events lớn earn tuyệt Day diamonds.jpg" alt=" Join certain global events to lớn earn tốt Day diamonds.jpg"/>


14. Catch new fish lớn get diamonds.


Fishing is in the fishing lake when the fishing boat has been repaired, unlocked at experience màn chơi 27. Players can catch fish with lures & nets, lobsters with lobster traps, & ducks with duck traps. When you get a new type of fish, players can earn diamonds as a reward.


15. Find diamonds in Seasonal Mystery Gifts in the fishing area

Seasonal mystery gifts appear in the fishing area when a seasonal theme is on: Halloween, Christmas, New Year"s, & Chinese New Year"s. These are never locked. Each gift can contain a supply item, a lure, a voucher, a seasonal decoration, 1 to 3 diamonds, or the Secret Coffin, a unique decoration given by the Halloween ghost.


Seasonal Gifts in the fishing area.png" alt=" Seasonal Gifts in the fishing area.png"/>

16. Catch diamonds with mystery nets.


It is a method lớn get diamonds when you use mystery nets khổng lồ catch fish, diamonds, etc. But before you use mystery nets, you need to spend diamonds khổng lồ produce mysterious nets first. 


Catch diamonds with mystery nets.png" alt=" Catch diamonds with mystery nets.png"/>


17. Farm Pass Season Neiborhood Diamonds Gift Perk


Farm Pass Season was introudced to tốt Day in Noverber, 2020. It is a feature for players to get rewards by completing tasks of Farm Pass Season. Farm Pass Season Neiborhood Diamonds Gift Perk is a gift for Neighborhoods. When you see it on your Neighborhood chat, remember khổng lồ claim it as there are only first five Neighbors able to lớn claim it. Neighborhood is unlocked at the màn chơi 10. When it is unlocked, pick up a Neiborhood lớn join.


giỏi Day Farm Pass Season Neiborhood Diamonds Gift Perk.png" alt=" hay Day Farm Pass Season Neiborhood Diamonds Gift Perk.png"/>