An RPG podcast that does actual plays, reviews, and talks about nerd stuff. We tend to play 5e with an old school aesthetic.

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We're DOING IT LIVE!!! RPG advice with questions fielded in real time. Show notes:

ADND n00bz try to play the game. We fight skeletons and find secret doors. Show notes:

Yellow mold! Throwing axes at spiders! Verbal mapping! Failing to open doors! Looking things up! Audible frustration! Our first foray into ADND 1e dungeon delving truly has it all. Show notes:

An archaeology of play for First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons! Gary says to start play by entering a village, finding a tavern, and buying gear. So that's what we do. This is not a "best practice," but it is the THE RULES. Join us as the PCs learn about the area and get ready to head out to adventure. Show notes:

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NOV 22, 2021 Dear Gary, I have encountered human beings

Dear Gary, I have encountered human beings

Answering questions from Reddit and our patrons: What to do about a bad priest? My players don't like old school??? Best modules? Houserules to foster dramatic play? Best encumbrance rules? Show notes:

A spooky Halloween one shot of the excellent module Demon Driven to the Maw, using the Cairn RPG rules. Show notes:

In regards to that android

I believe that an android is something that has human LIKE “ emotions” in such that it is programmed to have a close to human intelligence and behavioral’s hey can you communicate my speech and my body language just facial expression and other things, Feel free to read this on the show if you like!

Love this show

Most AP annoy the hell out of me. These guys are funny and smart and move fast. It feels comfortable like you’re hanging out with them. Highly recommended.

THE best actual-play RPG podcast!

GGNoRe is an "actual play" RPG podcast, meaning the hosts run and play tabletop role playing games and record them.What sets GGNoRe aside from other actual plays is that it feels real. Nothing is scripted, voice actors aren't hamming it better reflects what it feels to okay an rpg than any podcast, YouTube channel or livestream.It's entertaining because the DM (dungeon master) , Daniel, is great at what he does, and the players are up for anything. The camaraderie is real and infectious.But it's not JUSTntertaining. I've learned a ton as a DM and a player thanks to Daniel and company's insights. There's even more to be found on their Patreon site (I'm a proud backer).What also makes GGNoRe special is the games they play. Yes, there is plenty of D&D 5E, but there's also indie RPGs like Into the Odd, Deep Carbon Observatory and Hot Springs Island as well as homebrew campaigns and systems. They'll open you up to new horizons and always give you an honest opinion.GGNoRe takes rpgs seriously but not to seriously, and is just the right mix of informative and fun.