of food : having a component (such as capsaicin) that creates a burning or tingling sensation in the mouth : pungent, peppery

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the sun shines hot—William Shakespeare
He took her up her supper, saying, "I"ve hotted the soup, and I found the chicken."—Mrs. Henry Dudeney (Alice Louisa Dudenay)
hotted up the kettle… he was sitting by the fire hotting up some of his cider in a saucepan; this he was taking with rosemary lớn cure his cold.—Fred Archer


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Adjective It is hot in the summer & cold in the winter. The baked potatoes were too hot to handle with our bare hands. We worked all afternoon in the hot sun. The chicken was fried in hot oil. Your forehead feels hot. I think you might have a fever. I was feeling hot & tired. a selection of hot beverages The new toys are so hot that stores can"t keep them in stock. Her new book is a hot seller. She spoke about the latest hot trends in the computer industry. Adverb workers were working hot và heavy to lớn repair the breach in the levee See More
In the town’s wealthy enclaves và picturesque downtown, cultures mix và often miss, emotions blaze hot, and assumptions run rampant. —Erin Douglass, The Christian Science Monitor, 15 Dec. 2022 The bakery closed at 3 p.m. Sunday but even at 3:17 p.m., there were lines of folks waiting khổng lồ get that last cup of hot chocolate or loaf of bread. —Chandra Fleming, Detroit free Press, 9 Jan. 2023 Alongside runs on hot chocolate and churros, cold-stunned iguanas dropping from trees are one of South Florida’s most iconic winter traditions. —Alex Harris, Anchorage Daily News, 31 Dec. 2022 Then coming in & having hot chocolate và toast with peanut butter. —Globe Staff,, 30 Dec. 2022 Monica Ortiz, 47, a teacher in Dallas, had arrived with her nieces and husband lớn welcome the new arrivals, serving hot chocolate, coffee, oranges & pastries. —Miriam Jordan, New York Times, 29 Dec. 2022 The giải pháp công nghệ is far from perfect, and frequently spews hot garbage with supreme confidence when trapped with impossible questions. —Robert Stevens, Fortune, 28 Dec. 2022 Eventgoers will head lớn Chagrin Falls Township Hall và can enjoy warming up with hot chocolate & cookies from 10:30 lớn 11:30 pm, the popcorn shop’s news release said. —Alexis Oatman, cleveland, 27 Dec. 2022 Groups of El Pasoans drove up và gave coats, sweaters, blankets, sandwiches, water and hot chocolate lớn the strangers who have arrived in waves. —Dallas News, 23 Dec. 2022
DeRozan got up hot and charged at Allen, but Williams was called for an offensive foul. —Jim Owczarski, Journal Sentinel, 28 Dec. 2022 Underground heat is typically mined by pumping water into the earth, then bringing it back up hot to power nguồn turbines that generate electricity. —Xiaozhi Lim, Discover Magazine, 27 May năm ngoái Then, create the pretty poinsettia blooms by cutting out felt flower shapes & hot-gluing silver bells lớn the centers. —Emily Vanschmus, Better Homes và Gardens, 29 Nov. 2022 Companies are stuck with a bunch of merchandise that isn’t selling so hot. —Shira Ovide, Washington Post, 11 Oct. 2022 In a memo laying the groundwork from Singer’s dismissal, Commissioner Chair Per Ramfjord said the executive director had crossed the line from combative reformer lớn hot-headed bully by shouting at the chief justice during a private meeting. —oregonlive, 11 Oct. 2022 Caan was best known for playing Sonny Corleone, the hot-headed son of mafia boss Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) in Francis Ford Coppola"s The Godfather; the role earned Caan an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor back in 1972. —Evan Romano, Men"s Health, 7 July 2022 The hot-headed younger brother of Viserys, Daemon is the heir apparent khổng lồ the throne so long as no male heir is born. —Erik Kain, Forbes, 18 Aug. 2022 Cold brew, made by steeping coffee in water that is room temperature or colder rather than brewing it hot and adding ice, is also bringing a lot of attention lớn the genre. —Michelle Cheng, Quartz, 2 Oct. 2022
Now the consequences are being felt: a three-month-long flood in the Florida Keys, wildfires across a record hot and dry Australia, deadly heat waves in Europe. —Somini Sengupta, New York Times, 12 Mar. 2020 Pwell had 12 points, seven rebounds và three blocked s hots, and Laquaria Mays had 12 points – all on 3-pointers – lớn go with three assists và three steals. —Josh Bean | Jbean, al, 18 Feb. 2020 The record hot and dry summer left bare ground & stressed lawns — environments that are ideal for opportunistic winter weeds lớn move in. —Calvin Finch,, 2 Jan. 2020 The state suffered raging wildfires through the Kenai Peninsula after a record hot, dry summer turned the grass khổng lồ kindling. —Caroline Delbert, Popular Mechanics, 10 Dec. 2019 Cleveland police updated their oto chase policy in 2014, two years after a chase that ended in officers shooting 137 hots at Timothy Russell & Malissa Williams, who were unarmed. —Evan Macdonald, cleveland, 20 Dec. 2019 Since only the pan gets hots, a hot element will never be exposed, preventing fire hazards và the risk of burns in the first place. —Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping, 17 Dec. 2019 Sliced chicken cutlet subs for the pork, long hots add the spice. —Amy Drew Thompson,, 31 Oct. 2019 The tuna tartare was bountiful and fresh, its creamy layer of avocado warmed by the spice of roasted Italian long hots. —Craig Laban,, 6 July 2018
So, she hot glued them khổng lồ a piece of twine and strung it across the ceiling. —Hadley Keller, House Beautiful, 24 Dec. 2019 The holding company – which traces its roots lớn hot the ’90s web firm CMGI — consists of two units today, one in supply chain management & the other in direct marketing. —, 17 Dec. 2019 See More

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Middle English hot, hoot, (northern) hat, going back to Old English hāt, going back to Germanic *haita- (whence also Old Frisian và Old Saxon hēt "having a high temperature, burning," Old High German heiz, Old Norse heitr), of uncertain origin

Note: For Germanic verb & noun derivatives of *haita- see heat entry 1, heat entry 2. The Early Modern English shortening of Middle English long xuất hiện o in hot has been explained as influence of the comparative và superlative forms, but this does not appear to lớn have occurred in analogous cases. The Germanic adjective *haita-, from a presumed pre-Germanic *koid-, is reflected in other ablaut variants, as Gothic heito "fever," from *hītōn- (from *keid-) & a zero grade in Old Frisian hette, hitte "heat," Old High German hizzea, hizza (from *kid-); all these may reflect an unattested strong verb *hītan-. Traditionally the base *keid- has been connected by means of a "root extension" *-d- with Old High German hei, gehei, geheige "heat, drought," Middle Dutch hei "hot, dry," from a presumed Indo-European verb base *kei- "burn, heat" (in earlier literature *kai-, though there appears lớn be no reason lớn posit such a vocalism). These forms have in turn been compared with a series of Baltic words (as Lithuanian kaičiù, kaĩsti "to heat," kaistù, kaĩsti "to become hot"), from *koit- with a different root extension -t-.


Middle English hot, hote, hoote, going back khổng lồ Old English hāte, derivative of hāt hot entry 1


derivative of hot entry 1

Note: Frequently nominalized as a pair with cold entry 1 (the nominal equivalent of which is identical with the adjective), a connection that goes back to lớn Old English ("hat and ceald").


Middle English hoten, going back to Old English hātian, gehātian, derivative of hāt hot entry 1