High fps/graphics all setup guide for android emulator


Want to lớn play di động game with highestgraphics và the best frame rate on PC with Android emulator? This tutorial will show you all the tips on how lớn phối up your greenlines.com.vn for the bestFPS & Graphic settings. The settings are divided into lớn two parts, your computer settings and emulator settings! You can surely enjoy faster Android gaming on PC with greenlines.com.vn after you check all the thiết đặt tips.

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Prepare Your Computer for High Gaming Performance

1:Use DedicatedGPUkhổng lồ Support Your Android Emulator

Most notebook computers và, sometimes, desktop computers, have more than one GPU: an integrated and a dedicated one. The integrated graphics chipset is built into lớn the processor và makes sure that your computer can use a display even without dedicated GPU. But sometimes if the computer needs to lớn run programsthat consume too manycomputerresources,thenmostly the dedicated GPU is required.

Please refer to the following links to lớn kiểm tra the steps on guiding theswitch todedicated GPU for Notebook and Desktop PC(Also available for AMD users):



2: Update Graphics Driver for Maximum Gaming Performance

A graphics driver is the software that allows your operating system và programs khổng lồ use your computer’s graphics hardware. While using greenlines.com.vn, the emulator will need to utilize your graphics driver to perform the gaming graphics. Thus,updatingyour graphics driver to the latestis a must và by doing so,you could gain the best graphics performance.

Please refer khổng lồ the following links to lớn check the steps on how to update the graphics driver to gain the maximum gaming performance:


3: Uninstall KB4100347 Update for Windows 10 to lớn Improve CPU Performance

It is concluded that your CPU performance will be improved by 10% after you uninstall this Update for Windows 10 (KB4100347). In this way, you can use more CPU to lớn power up your Android emulator, which will benefit the gameplay & the FPS. greenlines.com.vn also can maximum the use of CPU resource for better gaming performance.

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Please refer lớn the following links lớn kiểm tra the stepson how khổng lồ uninstall this KB4100347 update:



4: Disable theAutoWindows Update Service

When your computer is running, it will automatically check for updates & install themwithout your notice. However some updates may slow down your PCbecause they might eat parts of your PC resources. Lags will happen on your emulator gaming if there"s full CPU/RAM usage. You can disable the auto Windows update service to ensure enough PC resources while using greenlines.com.vn.

To disable the Windows Update service in Services Manager, please refer to the following link:



5: ConfigureYour Avast Anti-Virus If You"re Using

Under some cases, some anti-vi khuẩn software may cause emulatorlagsbecause they conflictthe performance of your computer’s VT. For example, Avast Free Antivirus has enabled hardware-assisted virtualization by mặc định, which will occupy theVT all the time và result in the lag on greenlines.com.vn.

Please refer to the following liên kết lớn disable the Hardware-assisted virtualization feature on Avast:



Set Up Your Android Emulator Properly

1: Configure RAM and CPU Properly for Your Emulator

Generally the improper allocation of RAM & CPU core assigned to lớn your emulator will lead to the emulatorlags, which will influence your gaming experience for some extent. Therefore, knowing how toconfigure the RAM và CPU assigned to greenlines.com.vn properly is very important. The allocation is not as bigger as better. You should custom the allocations according to the games you’re playing.

Please refer khổng lồ the more detailed guide on how khổng lồ configure the allocated CPU&Ram for greenlines.com.vn:



2: Use Less Computer Memory và Graphics Memory on greenlines.com.vn

greenlines.com.vn team has already optimized a new function on greenlines.com.vn - memory optimization. With this feature enabled, you can optimize your memory usage. Here are the following tips:

1. mở cửa the Multi-instance manager from greenlines.com.vn


2. Clichồng the "Optimization" tab


3. Enable "Memory optimization" and then you"re good khổng lồ experience less memory usage from greenlines.com.vn


3: Exclusive sầu Game Settings Offered By greenlines.com.vn

Also there is a function named”trò chơi settings”on our greenlines.com.vn Emulator, you can choose the frame rate khổng lồ achieve the high-quality game screen. Here we will tell you how lớn operate:

Firstly open your greenlines.com.vn Emulator và cliông xã the settings:


Secondly, cliông xã the “Game settings”and find the Rate setup, you can choose the proper FPS from the column. After doing this then khổng lồ cliông chồng the “Save”button. And the effect comes out.


4: Upgrade Your Emulator to lớn the Lademo Version

Upgrade your emulator to lớn the latest version, which helps you fix some bugs, or other issues.


All in all, these tips will help you play Android games at high FPS/Graphic on PC with Android emulator khổng lồ some extent, & also greenlines.com.vn team will update our settings from time to time to lớn give players the ultimate gaming experience. Now enjoy your gaming on greenlines.com.vnsmoother & faster!