Play League of Legends with greenlines.com.vn Cast Eliminate lagging on League of Legends with higher video quality & faster frame rate. Play League of Legends lag-free without meeting the demanding system requirements. Define your champion’s quality theme và hear abilities with high-quality audio.

Since the time League of Legends was introduced to game fanatics, it has managed to lớn create quite a fandom of its own. Being super competitive yet a fun-thrilled game, the last thing a gamer would ever want is to lớn get his gaming experience ruined by an unwanted lagging on League of Legends.

And the question that pops up here is "how khổng lồ fix high ping", - & for that, we are here khổng lồ help. This detailed guide is a comprehensive masterpiece that will help you end this frustrating problem. Hence, without any further ado, let"s step into the guide.

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Part 1: Why vày you Get League of Legends Ping Spikes?

First thing first, Getting Ping Spikes on League of Legends is one of the common problems many trò chơi fanatics face out there, - However, you need khổng lồ know that there can be dozens of reasons why you face lag issues in your game.


League ping depends on how good an internet connection you have and, of course, the modifications of the PC you are playing on. Both requirements go hand-in-hand; if any fails to meet the criteria, you will witness a lag.

Part 2: 8 Best Tips to lớn Eradicate Lagging on League of Legends!

1Paying attention to mặc định game settings!

The first smart way khổng lồ tackle the lagging problem is to lớn pay attention lớn the game"s settings - as there is an excellent chance of not having real trouble but some messed-up game settings.

Here"s how you can modify your trò chơi settings:

To change trò chơi settings, mở cửa League of Legends and tap the gear icon in the đứng đầu right corner.In the Client/General window, click General and check the two options:Enable low specification mode.Close the client while playing.Now save the changes.Log in to your account and launch the game. Press Esc to open settings during gameplay. Click Videos to open the Videos tab.Choose the resolution that suits your computer. Expand the resolution & select 1280 x 720 (recommended). If 1280x720 is high, you can reduce it to lớn 1024x768.Enable color blind mode & Hide Eyes option.Under Graphics, select a quality level và set it according khổng lồ your personnel preference.Pay attention khổng lồ the option to links characters.Now go khổng lồ Advanced, expand Frame Rate Limit and select Unlimited.Disable the Anti-Aliasing option and Wait for Vertical Sync.

This might fix your problem to a greater extent!

2Changing DNS server might vị good!

Improve the health of your network by redirecting your provider"s DNS servers to Google"s public DNS addresses. This help improves the resolution time while providing the ultimate security.

Here"s what changing the DNS vps looks like:

Go to lớn Control Panel. From the dropdown view options, select Category, then View network status and tasks, & change adapter settings. Right-click the network adapter & select Properties.Double click on TCP/IPv4, and a popup will appear.Select the two options, i.e., H. Automatically obtains an IP address & uses the following DNS hệ thống addresses.In the Preferred DNS server field, enter the Alternative DNS server field, enter and click OK.

3Eradicate Unwanted Junk Files

There"s no denying the fact that an unwanted pile of junk can cause your computer lớn slow down! and not only does it hinder the performance of your PC, but it can create a problem for you while playing League of Legends.

Here is how you can clean unwanted junk files from your computer:


Press the Windows key and R at the same time. This will xuất hiện the Run dialogue box. Enter %temp% & click OK.If prompted for permission, click next to mở cửa the folder.Please select the file by pressing Ctrl + A & delete it.If the warning dialogue box opens, ignore it.Press the Windows key và R at the same time. This will mở cửa the Run dialogue box. Enter the temperature và click OK. Click Next to mở cửa the folder.Press Ctrl + A and delete.If the warning dialogue box opens, ignore it.Type Windows key and R at the same time again. This opens the Run dialogue box. Type prefetch và click OK. Click Next to xuất hiện the folder.Select all files with Ctrl + A and delete them. If the warning dialogue box opens, ignore it.

4Give a second look at your Windows Settings.

Ever wondered what to vì when your game settings are optimized and you take care of every other lagging factor, but still, your trò chơi doesn"t seem to lớn improve?

Then what to do? Well, we know! Sometimes, the window setting creates chaos; hence, giving them a second look might improve your lagging situation.

Here"s how you can vì chưng it:

Go khổng lồ the control panel. Expand to: and click Categories. Then click System and Security.Click System.In the left pane, click Advanced system settings.On the Advanced tab, click Settings.On the Visual Effects tab, select Adjust for Best Performance và click OK.

Now mở cửa League of Legends & see if it still lags. If you"re still having problems, let"s try another solution.

5Disable the wifi automatic connection option

You can try changing some wifi settings to lớn reduce League of Legends ping spikes. According lớn users, sometimes the automatic wifi connection feature can cause this problem.

To turn it off, click the wifi icon on the taskbar, select the network you want to lớn connect to and uncheck Connect automatically.

Also, it"s advised khổng lồ keep the wifi off on the cellular devices in your trang chủ - as this will help you get all the signals you require to enjoy a profound League of legends gaming experience.

6Switch khổng lồ an Ethernet connection

Switching khổng lồ an Ethernet connection may solve the problem if you are using a wireless network to lớn play LoL.

Wifi is not always as stable as a wired network; therefore, interference is expected. Especially when you are away from the router, the signal is weak, resulting in high LoL pings.

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Shaking it with Ethernet will solve the problem. However, if this is impossible, you can use an Ethernet adapter to lớn extend the network khổng lồ areas with poor wifi coverage.

7Enable v-sync

If the solutions provided above don"t work, try syncing by following these steps:

Open NVIDIA Control PanelUnder Global Settings > Enforcement, click Manage 3 chiều Settings > Vertical Sync.Enable AMD Enhanced Sync, right-click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings > Global Settings > Wait for Vertical Refreshes > Enhance Sync.

8Restarting your computer

Lastly, it might be possible that you would have tried everything, but none of the things would be working out! & in situations like these, what tends khổng lồ be the best option you have in your hand is lớn restart your computer!

Restarting your computer shutdowns every ongoing task, clears the system"s chase, & gives a new lifeline khổng lồ your game.

Hence, we guess you know what to bởi vì when your trò chơi starts lagging, right?

Part 3: Other Current Issues about the League of legends

Running your game on full resolution và display can also cause trouble between the fun. The more resolution the trò chơi would be running, the higher the lag would be witnessed. It doesn"t matter if you have a high rendered PC - always try lớn play your game on an optimal resolution.Putting the suggestions mentioned above into practice might just fix your lagging problem on League of Legends. However, you’ll notice that the most effective ones are really technical. For example, changing your DNS server, troubleshooting your PC settings, và enabling v-sync can be challenging if you’re not experienced with computer technology. On the other hand, easy fixes lượt thích restarting your PC rarely work.In addition, the high system requirements of LoL cause the game to lag on most devices. High CPU & GPU demands mean that most systems can’t work out a way lớn run the game without lag.

Part 4: Play League of Legends on PC without Lagging

If you’re looking for the simplest way to lớn fix lagging on League of Legends you can bởi vì it using AirDriod Cast. greenlines.com.vn Cast takes care of LoL lagging caused by network deficiencies và system requirements by allowing you to download lightweight software on your PC. So what exactly is greenlines.com.vn Cast?


greenlines.com.vn Cast is primarily a powerful screencasting and screen-controlling tool, but it’s more than just that. Apart from letting you control your phone right from your PC, you can use it to connect to lớn different systems, such as android to macOS, quả táo to Windows, and so on. & it’s not just PCs, greenlines.com.vn Cast also lets you play League of Legends on your TV.

Playing league of legends on your PC will enable you lớn leverage the following benefits:

Faster reactions with efficient mouse control Mouse control

With greenlines.com.vn Cast’s mouse control feature, you’ll be able to lớn move your champion better and strike down both normal and cannon minions in fewer attacks.

Hear abilities better with high-quality in-game audio

Audio is a crucial part of League of Legends. & with greenlines.com.vn cast, you’ll be able to hear abilities better & react faster.

Eliminate lagging frame rate khổng lồ 120Hz

With a high frame rate, you will have a competitive advantage over other champions while eliminating đầu vào lag & winning more games.

Full HD đoạn phim for a better experience

greenlines.com.vn Cast allows up lớn 1080p of video unique which delivers an enriched visual experience.


With greenlines.com.vn Cast, you can also connect your phone to your computer conveniently since it offers WLAN, USB, và AirPlay connection options. Now let’s set it up & use it to play League of Legends.

You can vày this in 4 simple steps.

Step 1.Download và install greenlines.com.vn Cast for freeDownload greenlines.com.vn Cast on your phone and PC from the download page and install once the tải về is complete.
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Step 2.Connect your phone và PCgreenlines.com.vn lets you connect your phone and your PC in 3 different ways. So you can choose the one that is convenient for you. Start by launching greenlines.com.vn Cast on both devices, then select your connection method from the options below.

1. Wireless connection (WLAN or Remote Network)

First, ensure your Mac and phone are connected to lớn the same local area network. Here, you can either enter the cast code on your phone or use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code.

2. AirPlay

If you’re using an iPhone và you want to connect khổng lồ a Mac, this is the best way to bởi vì so. Ensure that your phone & PC are connected to lớn the same WiFi then click on the AirPlay tab và ensure that the AirPlay service is running. Next, go to Control Center>Screen Mirroring on your iPhone & then select the device labeled greenlines.com.vn Cast - xxx.


3. USB

First, ensure that USB debugging has been enabled on your phone. Connect your Mac and phone using a USB cable, then click on the Cable tab. Select your phone from the available devices.

Step 3.Mirror your screenAfter initiating the connection requests, accept the permissions and requests that appear on both devices to confirm the connection. Và when you’re done, your phone’s screen will be mirrored on your computer. You can now proceed khổng lồ play League of Legends. Step 4.Play và control League of Legends on PCOnce the android screen is cast successfully, just click the mouse control button on greenlines.com.vn Cast và use your mouse to launch the game directly on your PC. Also, click the mô tả audio & microphone buttons just below.


Choose the Summoner’s Rift or Aram game modes, these are less technical. Next select your champion, in this tutorial, we’ll use Ahri.


Click on the left mouse button while pointing in different directions to lớn move your champion.


You can also click way ahead khổng lồ see what’s happening before your champion arrives (but this only works when your camera is not on lock). Use your mouse lớn aim at the minions & your champion will automatically fire.


That’s it. You can get started from here and advance gradually using AirDriod Cast.

Let"s have a look at the benefits greenlines.com.vn Cast provides for playing the game:

Support remote keyboard và mouse controlProvide Top-notch Lag-free display. Can easily be installed without even worrying about the specifications of the PC. greenlines.com.vn eliminates the need to download any Emulator on your máy tính xách tay or PC. Allow your friends khổng lồ join in remotely lớn play the trò chơi with you!

In additon, the most common lagging problem in League of Legends is caused by poor mạng internet conditions or a low-profiled PC. You must wonder what PC requirements are for smoothly playing League of Legends. Well, we have got you covered.

Here are the recommended requirements that would ensure a smooth gaming experience:

4 GHz processor2 GB RAMAt least 12 GB of empty hard disk space A dedicated GPU with 512MB or higher video Memory(VRAM))Windows XP SP3 or above windows model