Visual novels have gone from obscure non-factor in Western gaming culture to lớn a known quantity. Unfortunately, much of what folks tend to associate visual novels with now is “weirdness.” Not every game thủ knows about Danganronpa, but they sure as heck have probably caught wind of Hatoful Boyfriend, for example. On one hand, Love at First Sight does nothing khổng lồ cast aside this awkward status quo. The game features a romance between humans, at least, but this time the hãng apple of your eye has only one eye. She’s effectively a cyclops with extra-gigantic anime eye in the center of her face, and this is abnormal even within the game’s world. Folks have already snickered at the game because of the premise.

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Although people have already begun writing it off as a joke, this title deserves a shot. After all, you probably want to lớn know what the storyline surrounding such a quality girl is all about. I’m not about to lớn spoil it, but here’s the setup. Protagonist Mamoru is your typical high school guy who only recently switched schools. Despite his semi-new student status, he immediately found friendship with an odd pair of not-quite-girlfriend/boyfriend Akemi and Tomoyori. They’re a great pair, contrasted by the non-stop exuberance of Akemi và Tomoyori’s stoic, deadpan attitude. In any case, one day when Mamoru strays from these pals after school he hears someone sobbing. Upon investigation, he comes upon Sachi — the aforementioned gal with one massive eye. It’s a thiết kế choice which definitely creeps out some players, but is actually a component of the story which makes sense.

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After this chance encounter Mamoru simply can’t parse his feelings. He wasn’t terrified or shocked, but for some reason simply can’t stop thinking about her. Of course, readers are likely to lớn catch right away that this near-obsession level interest is due lớn a budding romance (as if the title didn’t give it away already). From there, Love at First Sight progresses through seven acts of getting to lớn know Sachi. Some of the moments are happy while others are surprisingly dramatic. Despite the wacky sort of setup, there’s a lot more seriousness at play than might be expected. This is because one of Sachi’s other most visual oddities is that her toàn thân is covered with bruises & scars. Và yes, the tale does delve into who has been hurting her và why.


Closing Comments:

Whether you think it’s worth the cash or not, Love at First Sight proves to lớn be a completely pleasant surprise. Throughout a brief two hour playtime I got lớn know the cast better than seems possible và enjoyed seeing the story unfold. Although there were a small amount of typos, a few Japanese lines inadvertently left untranslated and the like, it’s a lovely effort và the kind of visual novel that I’d lượt thích to see more of. Love at First Sight subverts expectations with its genuine tale of high school friendship và romance.