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There isn’t much NSFW content in The Sims 4 proper since the game has had a T for Teen rating for years. This is why you need some sims 4 sex mods in your trò chơi if you want to have a more grown up experience, và want to take woohoo a few steps further than ever before.

Since The Sims 4 is a life simulator woohoo is a very big part of your sim’s lives, because it’s a very big part of life in the real world. There is so much you can vày to make the sex experience better with some great sims 4 sex mods that can make woohoo more interesting, make your sims have a chance of pregnancy, và allow just about anyone lớn give birth.

These sims 4 sex mods are going to lớn really make the experience so much more well-rounded và make it feel much more realistic và fun for you and your sims.


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The BEST Sims 4 Sex Mods

1. Make Love, Not Woohoo

For a lot of older players of The Sims 4 the word woohoo is too immature and makes the game feel lượt thích its made for kids. Since the game has a T for Teen rating, it makes sense that they’ve replaced any real world words with woohoo lớn make it feel safe for younger kids to lớn play. The make love, not woohoo mod is going lớn reflect real life và change the word woohoo out for either the word sex or the words make love so you no longer have khổng lồ see the word woohoo.

2. Less Success for Try for Baby

Getting your sims pregnant in The Sims 4 is way too easy and has a default 80% success rate which is pretty wild considering that rate is not that high in the real world. The less success for try for baby hack is wonderful because it actually allows you lớn choose a new rate of either 20, 40, or 60 percent to it can be more tailored lớn have often you want your sims to lớn have babies. Definitely makes trying for a baby feel much more realistic.

3. No Sleep After Woohoo

Literally every single time that you have your sims woohoo in a double bed they are going to immediately fall asleep và take a cute little nap. Well, why does this happen if your sims have high energy and its 1 o’clock in the afternoon? Well, the no sleep after woohoo mod makes it so that your sims will never sleep immediately after they participate in woohoo allowing them to keep their sleep schedules and be more productive after their afternoon delight.

4. Baby Maker Trait

There are some people out in the real world who just want khổng lồ have as many babies as possible & your sims too can be this person. How? Well, there’s a baby maker trait that makes it so your sims just want to lớn have so many babies. It’s actually kind of hilarious & your sims will even want to move onto the next partner if their current partner doesn’t give them enough children. You’ll find these sims being flirty often và always just thinking about kids that they have và kids that they want.

5. Plain Interactive Woohoo Bushes

There are really awesome woohoo or “party” bushes that come with packs like Jungle Adventure và Get Together but they can be a real eye sore. They have ugly flowers or hearts on them and don’t blend into the world well and that can be a real turn off for many players. Thankfully, the plain interactive woohoo bushes mod gives you the opportunity khổng lồ have a plain version of this bush that can blend into your sim’s landscaping so you can use the bathroom or woohoo outdoors as much as you want.

6. Woohoo is Exercise

Anyone who has participated in sex in the real world knows that it is not easy and should be considered exercise. You’re hot, sweaty & very tired by the over so it only makes sense for this to be seen as an exercise in The Sims 4. Thankfully, there is the woohoo is exercise mod that will make it so your sims will gain the fitness skill while participating & can even chiến bại weight & gain muscle.

7. Be thắm thiết Despite Mood

Emotions are this wild system that works sometimes but most of the time is just an annoyance. A sim can have someone they met one time at a park die and they’ll be sad for days and this can heavily impact their life & make it almost impossible for them lớn participate in romantic interactions or sex. The be thắm thiết despite mood mod is wonderful because it allows you to vày these thắm thiết interactions even when you’re not having the best day and just ignores the emotions system.

8. Same Sex Pregnancy Mod

The Sims has been a very LGBTQ+ friendly trò chơi for years và has always allowed for same sex relationships which is wonderful. They even added the ability for you lớn have options in create a sim to make a sim who is male be able to get pregnant & a sim who is female khổng lồ be able lớn get others pregnant. However, there is an easier way to lớn have same sex pregnancy and that is with the same sex pregnancy mod this allows your sims who are gay or lesbians lớn have babies naturally & carry them on their own.

9. Wicked Whims

If you’ve looked up sex mods for The Sims 4 before, you’ve definitely heard of wicked whims. It’s definitely the most popular sex mod for The Sims 4 and adds so much to the game. You can completely change how woohoo works including adding nudity, pubic hair, strip clubs and a ton more. It’s one of those mods that just needs to lớn be completely explored khổng lồ understand it.

10. Hoe It Up

Sacrificial mods makes some of the most wild mods for The Sims 4 và the hoe it up mod is definitely a fun world exploding mod that is NSFW. This gian lận opens up a whole new world for your sims where you can earn money by pole dancing và even participating in prostitution if they want to lớn with awesomely hilarious animations, & making the townies lượt thích Geoffrey Landgraab into your sim’s customers & nothing is funnier to me than that.

11. No Mosaic/Censor

One of the most asked for mods for The Sims 4 is a mod to remove the pixelation when sims are showering, woohooing or using the bathroom. This is that mod. The No Mosaic mod will remove this pixelation so your game feels a bit more grown up và less like its made for kids who aren’t supposed to see these things, also adds some serious realism lớn your game.

12. Simda Dating App

Sometimes when I’m playing The Sims 4 I find it so hard to find a new sex partner for my characters & don’t want khổng lồ go out searching. The Simda Dating App allows you khổng lồ have online dating in the game for your sims to lớn just use their phone or computer to meet new people instead of going lớn a park! This opens up the world for your sims to meet new people to woohoo.

13. Risky Woohoo

One thing that is extremely unrealistic is the choice to lớn either woohoo or try for baby, sometimes it isn’t a choice & it can happen without it. Risky Woohoo is a hack that allows you to choose a percentage chance of your sims getting pregnant from regular woohoo. Why is this fun? Well, sometimes you need something you didn’t plan for to surprise you in the game & this is one of the best ways, throwing a whole baby into your sims lives is a great surprise for gameplay.

14. Pregnancy Time

No matter what kind of player you are in The Sims 4, you probably think that pregnancy is just the wrong amount of time. Whether it be too long or too short for you, you can definitely make a change. The pregnancy time mod allows you to choose a specific option from 1 day khổng lồ 147 days for pregnancy depending on what kind of player you wish to be. This feels much more realistic especially with different lifespans being player by different players.

15. Woohoo Lover Trait

Custom traits are actually the best way khổng lồ make your sims feel more unique, we just don’t have enough traits khổng lồ choose from in the game. There aren’t even any woohoo related traits, and the woohoo lover trait really adds some spice. This trait is fun because it makes it so your sims are going to feel flirty more often and will get great moodlets after woohoo because they just love it so much more than regular sims.

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16. Passionate Romance

We honestly just need a full overhaul for romance in The Sims 4 and thankfully mods like Passionate Romance can do that for us. This hack is absolutely wonderful and adds more romantic interactions that were in past games và brand new ones, you’ll see old favourites lượt thích goose, snuggle and make out & you can even take specifically lãng mạn photos with your lovers for a great experience before you decide khổng lồ woohoo.

17. Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility

Something that we could really use as an option in The Sims 4 is periods and actual fertility khổng lồ really địa chỉ some great realism lớn the game. The Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility Mod is so wonderful because it adds realistic items like contraceptive birth control, physical pregnancy tests và menstrual cycles making your sims feel so much realer & more interesting.

18. Shower Woohoo Tweaks

Shower woohoo was one of those wish các mục items players had for a while & now we have it. Coming lớn the game with Discover University, shower woohoo is awesome because sims can save time và get their fun & hygiene need up together.

Unfortunately, sims will spin out of their clothes và into a towel before jumping into the shower. Weird, right? The shower woohoo tweaks gian lận is great because it changes that up và has your sims going from clothes khổng lồ naked lớn shower instead.

19. Pillow Talk After Woohoo

Sims are weird, let’s be honest. After woohoo they vày one of two things; they either go lớn sleep or they get up and go vì something else. There’s no pillow talk, there’s no romance, & there’s no connection post sex in this world.

Thankfully, the pillow talk after woohoo gian lận is great because it changes it và gives you some new interactions for your sims to vày while hanging in bed after doing the deed.


20. Babies for Everyone

One thing we’d love to have in the game is for any sim to lớn get any sim pregnant at any time, who cares about gender or age? The babies for everyone mod is great because it allows for pretty much anybody khổng lồ have babies as long as they are at least a young adult.

This means elders can get pregnant, lesbian couples can get pregnant and gay couples can get pregnant and it enables male pregnancy too!


21. Ghosts Can Have Babies!

When we finally got Ghosts in The Sims 4 there was one big disappointment the complete removal of ghost babies và ghosts not being able to lớn get pregnant or get others pregnant, big bummer.

Thankfully, thủ thuật creators solve all problems in the game. With the ghosts can have babies gian lận your ghost sims are able to get pregnant & get others pregnant. One unfortunate thing is that there is no ghost babies lượt thích we really want in the game.

22. Woohoo Acceptance Animations Replaced

Okay, have you ever noticed khổng lồ have two sims vì chưng when you choose to have them woohoo? They get excited like two kids who are about to lớn steal snacks from the pantry after mom said no before dinner.

They’ll stand really close together và stare at each other then bởi vì a little bouncy jump and shake their hands like excited young ones và then go off with no emotion lớn woohoo. It’s so weird.

The woohoo acceptance animations replaced mod is awesome because it gets rid of those animations and makes it more interesting with lãng mạn animations instead.


23. Pregnancy Mega Mod

It really feels like babies get nothing in this trò chơi to the point where pregnancy even feels so shallow và boring, your sims just get sick and that’s all which is BORING và doesn’t add enough to lớn my game.

The pregnancy mega mod is the absolute best thing for you to add to your trò chơi if you want khổng lồ mix up pregnancy. You’ll get things like same sex & teen pregnancy allowing more sims khổng lồ have babies, and teen pregnancy really allows for interesting story lines when you’re playing.

You eve have the option to địa chỉ cửa hàng miscarriages khổng lồ your game which is something that happens in almost 25% of pregnancies so it should be represented in a game lượt thích the sims which is supposed khổng lồ be a reflection of life.


24. Woohoo Interaction Hider

If you aren’t the biggest fan hâm mộ of always seeing the option lớn woohoo when you click on various items lượt thích showers, beds, & rocket ships you may want to download the woohoo interaction hider. This is a great option for sims 4 sex mods because it makes the reactions feel more real.

This thủ thuật allows you to choose different levels & moods where the interactions will appear with the hardest one making it so your sims are only going to see the woohoo interactions if they are feeling flirty & in the mood for sex.


Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Sex Mods

We love woohoo! Woohoo is an important part of your sims lives & is the key khổng lồ being able to lớn grow their future family members & have a good time. These mods can really improve the whole system in The Sims 4. Happy Playing!

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