How to setting pubg mobile controller on nox

How to Setting PUBG Mobile Controller on Nox – If I have previously shared a tutorial on how to set up a Free Fire: Battleground controller on Nox, this time I will still share the same tutorial but with a different game, namely how to set up the PUBG Mobile controller on Nox. The settings are actually the same as Free Fire, only different in the location of the control features.

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Since its official global release on March 15 yesterday, PUBG Mobile has immediately become the top most downloaded free game on the Playstore, and did you know that most of PUBG Mobile is now played on PC? Many things affect this, such as the Mobile version of PUBG that can be played for free, in contrast to PUBG PC (Steam), which if you play it, you have to buy it first.

In addition, PUBG Mobile has graphics or game play that are very similar to PUBG PC, so it is not surprising that many people will play PUBG Mobile on PC/Computers. However, before playing PUBG Mobile on a computer, you must first install what is called an Android Emulator. This emulator is what makes all Android applications run on a computer device.

Well, for the best Emulator device when used to play Battle Royal games like PUBG Mobile, it is recommended to use Nox App Player. Because when using the Nox emulator we can adjust the PUBG Mobile controller features with the keyboard just like playing PUBG PC games or other PC FPS games. Without further ado, here’s how to set your own PUBG Mobile controller on Nox.

How to Setting PUBG Mobile Controller on Nox

1. First, please first set the NOX settings so that you can play PUBG Mobile smoothly or read how to set PUBG Mobile on Nox so it doesn’t lag.

2. If not, you can directly open the PUBG Mobile game on Nox, enter the game, find a safe place to hide. (Because setting the controller is easier if you are directly in the game).


3. Then click the keyboard icon in the sidebar to the right of Nox, a settings menu will appear on the left. There please click PUBG (local) and <+> New to start creating new controller settings.

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4. For the main controller settings can be directly followed as shown below. Here’s the explanation.


Color controller Red: Used for the direction of movement, so W to go forward, S to retreat, A to go left and D to go right.Color controller yellow: used to remove and bring up the cursor, so when we right-click on the mouse the cursor will disappear and will become a target shot. And if we right click again the cursor will appear.Color controller blue: Used for shooting or attacks, so if we want to shoot, we can just left click on the mouse, but before that we have to right click first so the cursor disappears.

5. For the next setting, we will adjust other controller features such as running, jumping, changing weapons according to the desired keyboard keys. The trick is to just click the letter menu or directly click on the controller feature and enter the letters or numbers on the keyboard that will be used as a controller. If it’s just click “save“, here are more details.


Notes: For arrangements to drive a car or motorbike, you can do the same as the step in number 5, but before that the motorbike/car must be climbed first. (for the controller, you can use the directions on the keyboard).

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Well, with the settings above you will find it easier to play PUBG Mobile like PUBG PC, and it will be easier to get a “Chiken Dinner” on PUBG Mobile. If you are still confused with the settings above, you can ask in the comments column, that’s all and hopefully it will be useful.