Gọi of Duty Blachồng Ops 3 is a first-person shooter game that was released in 2015.

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The developer of this game is Treyarch and its publisher is Activision. It is the twelfth inclusion in the entire game series of gọi of Duty & a follow up of the 2012 released video game known as Hotline of duty Black Ops 2. It was launched for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows as well as Xbox on 6th November 2015. A version that had limited features created with Mercenary Technology và Beenox that is only supportive of multiplayer modes was launched for PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox 360 và was the final title launched on these platforms. 

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What is the game about? 

Blaông chồng Ops 3 occurs in 2065 which is exactly 40 years after the happenings of Blaông chồng Ops 2, in a world full of upheaval due khổng lồ changes in climate and new advancements. Like its predecessors, the story is a following a team of blachồng ops soldiers. The chiến dịch of the game is designed in a way for supporting co-operative sầu gameplay comprising of 4 players. This lets you make a big and open game design with low corridor shooting.

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As the character of the player is enhanced cybernetically. The players get accessibility khổng lồ chất lượng activities in the game. The game has been featuring a standalone campaign mode featuring only Zombies and a nightmare mode that can replace all the enemies with zombies. 


It was launched on 26th April năm ngoái and happens to be the first-ever video clip game of the call of duty series that was launched after Activision separated with Microsoft Studios as well as in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment which provided security khổng lồ the pre-tined exclusivity of the downloadable nội dung of the game. On its release, the game got a lot of positive Đánh Giá from the critics & gathered appreciation about the gameplay, content amount, and Zombies mode. But, it was criticized for the story because of its story and absence of the character in the story mode, và absence of Innovation. 

The console version which was the seventh generation in specific were just singled out due lớn the laông xã of a particular chiến dịch & several features and is the only online. It was a great success on the commercial level & became one of the highest-selling retail games in the IS in the year 2015, và one of the most popular titles launched for the eighth generation of the PC games console. Another follow up, hotline of duty Blaông chồng Ops 4 was launched in October 2018. 

Main features of the game 

The Điện thoại tư vấn of the duty Clip game is a very popular game series that is played widely across the world. So, if you have played the older games of this series you must be knowing some comtháng features. Few added features in this game are as follows: 


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