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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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A world of superheroes in the size of Lego appears before the player’s eyes and completely delights them in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. For this game, players will control the main heroes và defeat the enemies to lớn stop the grand conspiracy. In addition, a unique character system can satisfy any Marvel fan hâm mộ and take the time to unlock the characters they like.

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In this game, players will control heroic characters lớn participate in the rescue of the world & fight against the plots of Dr. Doom. You will control them in a third-person perspective và witness the impressive power in the size of Lego characters. At the same time, you will not fight alone, but have another character support you in battle và take advantage of each person’s characteristics to overcome the enemies ahead. So, this is a trò chơi that is entirely suitable for those who love superheroes.



You can use your enemies and surrounding objects khổng lồ pick up the things you want, & they work similarly to lớn the currency inside this game. The objects around you can be different vehicles or objects, and each type will need a kind of attack to lớn destroy. In addition, attacking enemies or surrounding elements will fill an energy bar on the side of the character portrait.


It is usually a particular skill that you can use to giảm giá khuyến mãi massive amounts of damage khổng lồ enemies and usually bosses. Each character participating in the match can perform a unique talent with its characteristics that you have to consider how it affects the surrounding target. In other words, you’ll know how far these skills can go & make sure a dramatic explosion follows.

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Each level has objects for you to destroy; enemies always stop you from moving forward và always attack you. But you will not need to worry when you will be transformed into superheroes with the same nguồn as in the movie, and you also choose the distance to attack from melee lớn ranged attack. In addition, each màn chơi will have a certain number of bricks that you must fully collect if you want khổng lồ complete the level.


When you start the game, a các mục of tasks that you need lớn complete will appear. Their number is usually ten, correspondings lớn each Gold Brick that you get through completing each mission. Sometimes you have not completed these missions but still, go khổng lồ other levels and, later on, try lớn complete these levels as best you can. At the same time, you can also explore the đô thị after you have completed the campaign.



As mentioned above, you can experience 180 characters in this game, but indeed anyone knows that these characters are not easy for players at the beginning of the game. So they will need to take advantage of a certain amount of money lớn unlock these characters. In addition, some characters will have some pretty chất lượng unlocking methods that you will spend time searching for their icons in the game environment.

You are now ready to tải về LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for free. Here are some notes:

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