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Best collection of mobile games — Arcade Originals, Timeless Classics, và AppStore Greats.

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200+ games with more added all the time.One subscription. No ads. No in‑app purchases.Share with your family.Look for the icon on the tiện ích Store

Free 1-month trial$4.99/mo.

After the không tính phí trial, get unlimited access to lớn 200+ games for the price of one premium game each month.

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There’s something for everyone on Brain teasers, magical quests, endless runners, sports games, beloved classics, và more — with new amazing games và updates added every week. Enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted access khổng lồ the games you love & the ones you’re going to love.

Start on iPhone. Earn points on Mac. Màn chơi up on iPad. Play games effortlessly across your favorite devices. Và easily turn on Screen Time or Parental Controls when you need them. Arcade is a trò chơi subscription service that offers unlimited access to lớn a growing collection of over 200 premium games — featuring new releases, award winners, and beloved favorites from the App Store, all without ads or in-app purchases. You can play Arcade games on iPhone, iPad, Mac, & TV.

Every game is handpicked to bring together an incredible variety of games for all play styles & generations. Types of games include puzzle, strategy, adventure, simulation, board, card, sports, & more.

Play exclusive Arcade Originals lượt thích Jetpack Joyride 2, Timeless Classics lượt thích Solitaire by MobilityWare+, and AppStore Greats lượt thích Fruit ninja Classic+. Arcade Originals are playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, và Timeless Classics & AppStore Greats are available on iPhone và iPad.Learn more about trò chơi availability on táo devices

Here are some of the games on To see all 200+ games, you can browsethe Arcade tab on the AppStore.

Sneaky Sasquatch (adventure) Live the life of a Sasquatch và have fun being a little mischievous. Spire Blast (puzzle) Match và blast colors khổng lồ collapse colorful towers that have risen up across kingdoms.

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WHAT THE GOLF? (sports) Laugh out loud in this genre-bending golf parody designed to lớn put a smile on your face.Chess — Play & Learn+ (board) Play chess online with players around the world or learn and master chess skills with interactive lessons & puzzles. Gear.Club Stradale (racing) Take a vacation in Tuscany where you’ll spend your days driving exotic vehicles. Build your dream oto collection, start a hypercar club with friends, & enter worldwide competitions. Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis (sports) Join your favorite Nickelodeon characters as they compete in this extreme tennis match.Angry Birds Reloaded (action) Get the familiar and satisfying sling-shot action from the original trò chơi — now remastered with enhanced visuals, new characters, và plenty of destruction. Track your scores with local leaderboards against friends & family.Crossy Road Castle (action) Climb endlessly fun và unpredictable towers lớn see how high you can ascend — solo or with friends.Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure (puzzle) Match three puzzles khổng lồ uncover the mysteries of the ancient temple realm. Wylde Flowers (simulation) Explore a wholesome world where you nurture your magical abilities and unravel a mystery in this cozy life & farming sim. LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways (adventure) Meet a group of thriving Castaways on a long-abandoned secret planet in this first-ever social, action-adventure LEGOStarWars game. Available only on

New games and content updates are added lớn Arcade every week. To preview upcoming releases, look for the Coming Soon section in the Arcade tab on the App Store.

You can find Arcade on the App Store through the Arcade tab. You can also tìm kiếm the App Store for a specific Arcade game.

On your iPhone or iPad: xuất hiện the App Store and go khổng lồ the Arcade tab at the bottom of the screen.On your xuất hiện the Arcade app, or mở cửa the App Store và go to the Arcade tab at the đứng top of the screen.On your Mac: Open the App Store & go to the Arcade tab in the sidebar.

You can sign up for a free 1-month trial và play Arcade games using your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or TV with the latest operating system.

You sure can. If you see a controller icon on a game’s App Store sản phẩm page, the trò chơi has controller support. You can use a trò chơi controller lớn play many games in Arcade. And some games on TV even require one.

Bundle Arcade with up khổng lồ five other great services. & enjoy more for less.

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Working with Arcade.

If you’re developing a fun, unreleased game và would lượt thích it to be considered for Arcade, we’d love to lớn hear from you.

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New subscribers only. $4.99/month after trial. Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Termsapply.The không lấy phí trial includes only services that you are not currently using through a không tính tiền trial or a subscription. Plan automatically renews after trial until cancelled. Restrictions and other termsapply.Compatible hardware and software required.Some nội dung may not be available in all areas. Not all content shown will be available at service availability.Game availability for the 200+ titles across devices varies based on hardware và software compatibility. Some nội dung may not be available in all areas.Game controllers work with select games & are sold separately. Availability may vary by country or region.