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Grand Theft tự động 3 Description

At the beginning of the GTA3 game, a prisoners" van was robbed và two little bullets - including you, fleeing in disarray - started a journey through the thành phố ...

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GTA 3 không lấy phí Download Grand Theft auto 3 sản phẩm điện thoại GamePlay:#1 (Android,IOS)

Like most action games, Grand Theft tự động 3GTA3 is also composed of many small tasks, not all tasks are blatant crimes, although most have so point is not legitimate, from helping the quái dị to recover the horse lớn clean up the opposite drug dealer , This is very contrary to lớn the main line of the game, the protagonist has always been a small bully, it is necessary to make a small bully should do. Of course, a small bully step by step khổng lồ climb later, more "to force" the task waiting for you, & may even be "earth-shattering" Albert, such as a small series most lượt thích holding a big firearm, và even grab a tank & police Spray and see how long you can live ...

Unlike most kích hoạt games, you can not choose a task, but you can choose the means to accomplish the task. You can choose honestly step by step, you can also high-profile attack, see the car rob car, see people beat, of course, too much done, the police certainly will not let you go. If you feel the main line is too tight, you can stop, stroll around, và even create your own tasks, steal abduction or make a taxi over the world soliciting, with you. This reflects the high degree of interaction, substitution into a very strong "open" game GTA3 can be described as doing my part.

The game"s highly interactive game play allows you lớn interact with people living in the darkest corners of the city. Gangs, women, what"s the game"s direction in which to develop it all in your every move. Of course, this does not mean that the task itself is not attractive, on the contrary, the task is larger or smaller, or you need ruthless or does not make sense of funny, a ring, slightest, even the most humble task is also made very interesting, not Exaggerated to say, GTA3 should be regarded as one of the most easily addicted lớn the game. Advice: It is best not khổng lồ often play at night, because it is easy for you lớn forget lớn sleep, và even if it is easy lớn let go too excited khổng lồ sleep!

As a transplant work, transplantation màn chơi is its most important consideration, GTA3 performance how? No doubt manipulative is our primary concern, in general, not bad.

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Although this is an action game, Fortunately, the original does not emphasize how superb micro-micro-skills, in addition to more keys, each key has its corresponding one operation, manufacturers simply all directly into the virtual button Put on the screen, a little bit lazy, running, jumping, attacking, grab car, change the camera angle, mở cửa the car later there are throttle, brake, handbrake, horn, shooting, etc., also led directly khổng lồ the screen key position reached 10 + a, but the layout is reasonable, the actual play misoperation in the acceptable range, even a novice iPhone with a small screen lớn play, as long as a little adaptation, the pre-mission will not be confused, the trò chơi also supports gravity Sensor operation, you can open in the settings, may wish to try. However, when the "real" battle is approaching, it may still be a bit too much. The biggest problem is that the unskilled point of view can not keep up with the point of view. There is no way to find out where the enemy is. There is really no way to eat more Back lớn turtle will naturally be

Game bản đồ is in accordance with the task lớn go, biệu tượng công ty more clearly, you can also enlarge the small map, perspective can be rotated, quite satisfactory. Lớn be sure, the players concerned about the picture is also a small number, how should I say ... ... Is quite satisfactory, demanding higher players may be a little disappointed, on the one hand, basically the original transplant, on the other hand, it seems Too much targeted optimization, building and character strong sense of paper, sawtooth is quite obvious, physical collision is not good enough realism, if you use the proposed configuration iPhone4S or iPad2 play fine, fluency performance will be better, Here to lớn all game-loving players recommended Grand Theft auto 3Grand Theft tự động hóa 3!