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Fun & friendship take centre stage in the modern, exciting new virtual frikết thúc game from Smartphone games developer Outfit7

SHENZHEN, China, July trăng tròn, 2021 / -- My Talking Angela 2, the sequel lớn the popular virtual pet di động game, My Talking Angela, has launched on AppGallery. The game follows the success of the original version, which attracted several million downloads. The new game from Outfit7, a global leader in virtual pet thiết bị di động games, became available simultaneously with other major phầm mềm stores, cementing AppGallery as the world"s third largest app platform.


"The joy of My Talking Angela 2 is that not only is it fun khổng lồ play, it also supports the individual style of the player," said Gray Zhang, Head of Gaming and Developer Relations, CEE & Nordic, Huawei Consumer Business Group. "Unlike other games that sell an idea of the "right" look, this title promotes the right for players khổng lồ be whoever they want khổng lồ be and play however they want lớn play. We"re delighted khổng lồ work with Outfit7 and be able to lớn launch their fantastic games on AppGallery."

My Talking Angela 2 encourages its players khổng lồ experience the magic of friendship through a series of dynamic activities that highlight the importance of self-care & self-expression. With countless customisation options, players can dress Angela up, vì chưng her hair và makeup, và decorate her apartment to lớn suit their own tastes.

"From the number of customisation options, lớn the high-chất lượng art và game thiết kế, we"re pushing the limits of what can be done on Smartphone with My Talking Angela 2," said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. "In this game, we have sầu brought Angela to lớn life lượt thích never before, & we can"t wait to see what players think of our newest addition lớn the Talking Tom và Friends gaming universe."

My Talking Angela 2 follows the success of Outfit7"s earlier release Talking Tom Gold Run¹, which is now among muốn the top 5 most downloaded games on AppGallery in Đài Loan Trung Quốc. Huawei will support the game by creating special watch faces featuring Talking Angela for Huawei"s latest line of smartwatches. In addition, fans can watch Talking Angela in the CGI-animated Talking Tom và Friends² series. Based on the multi-award-winning franchise of the same name, the show is available on Huawei"s đoạn phim platsize, Huawei Video.

As one of the world"s fastest-growing app marketplaces, AppGallery strives lớn partner with leading brands and gaming developers, whose titles attract the biggest global audiences. AppGallery operates in 170 countries around the world, with 540 million monthly active users worldwide.

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Notes khổng lồ editor:

¹ Talking Tom Gold Run is currently the 4th most downloaded game on AppGallery in China; as of 15 July 2021.

² The Talking Tom và Friends series is available on Huawei Video in selected countries; prices may vary.