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Online voting for the 2021 MLS All-Star game presented by Target opened Wednesday khổng lồ fans, truyền thông media and players. This is the first time in the public portion of the MLS All-Stars rosters will be determined by a combination of fans, mediaplayers. Voting ends 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, July 21.

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League staff reviewed performance metrics from the current 2021 season to lớn categorize players in the positions where they are most utilized. For the first time ever, fans, truyền thông media and players will be asked khổng lồ pick a lineup of players. All-Star nominees can be selected in seven specific positions: goalkeeper, right back, center back, left back, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, & forward/winger.

Over 400 players are on the ballot in 2021. In previous years, media selected the top eight nominees from each club. The voting in 2021 allows voters more options to pick the best lineup.


26 players will be selected for the All-Star trò chơi on August 25, 2021, at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, CA - ticket info

12 players determined by a combined vote of fan, truyền thông media and players2 players selected by MLS Commissioner Don GarberThe full roster will be announced in August
Players, fans và reporters will cast their votes for 11 players. The đứng đầu player in each position from the combined vote will be named an All-Star.The twelfth player honored will be the one with the next-highest amount of votes overall (fans, truyền thông media and players)

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Voting starts: July 14 - Noon ETVoting ends: July 21 - 11:59 PM PT / 2:59 AM ET (July 22)Fans may vote once per day
MLS All-Stars prize buổi tiệc nhỏ in St. Paul: “Everybody's enjoyed being with each other”


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